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Honey Bees

The backbone of our farm, we work for our honeybees just as much as they work for us. We strive to breed hardy Ontario bees on our farm suited for our climate and seasons.

We breed for gentleness, winter hardiness, and hygienic behavior. We find that this combination makes our bees great to work with and be around.

Our Bees: About

Leafcutter Bees

Known as the summer bee, our Leafcutter bees are the small powerhouses of the the pollinator world. Great for pollinating summer blooms, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Along with their lack of stinging tendencies, Leafcutters make a great addition to your garden.

Our Bees: About

Mason Bees

The Blue Orchard Mason Bee is the bee of Spring. Undeterred by rain, these bees will work in less than ideal climates to get the job of pollination done. Pollinating spring plants, such as apple trees, pear trees, and plum trees, Mason bees make a great addition to the spring bloom.

Our Bees: About
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